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 Neurofeedback Training

Train your brain at eegmaine

Welcome to the new world of neurofeedback!

This is the new freedom headset.

It is wireless and does not require

 gel or paste.

This device can do QEEEGs

S loretta 19 channel training

and zscore training.

Keeping your brain fit is as import as keeping your body fit.

Neurofeedback can do that.  Peak performance training, relaxation and so much more.

A qeeg is an FDA approved evidence based diagnostic  tool that measures the speed and processing of brain function.

  I have been using  neurofeedback in my practice since 2003.

                                                          I am a member of ISNR,

To learn more about neurofeedback, come in for a free consult. 

Neurofeedback is like going to the  gym for your brain