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1) How does your therapy differ from other forms of therapy?

Neuofeedback uses operant condition. We are training the brain to increase or decrease certain brainwaves. The process is started by doing a mini q test that can tell us where to start.

Neurofeedback is done by placing electrodes on certain spots on the head and then rewarding the brain for increasing or decreasing brain waves. The reward is visual and auditory.

2) What types of disorders do you help with and how?

I have worked with ADHD, autism, aspergers, mood disorders and sleep issues. I help by training the brain through neurofeedback to increase or decrease certain brainwaves in speicific sites on your head.

3) Typically how long does it take to see positive results?

Positive results are usually seen within four to five sessions. Some people see results immediately, some take a bit longer.

4) Is this treatment harmful in any way to my health or brain?

It is not harmful to your health or brain. It really is like exercise for your brain.

5) Is this covered by insurance?

Some insurances cover this, but many do not. People have used flex accounts (pre tax dollars)from their work places to pay. I acccept all major credit cards.

6) How long does a treatment session typically last?

A session usually last about forty minutes. The minimum sessions to make a change is twenty sessions. Some disorders take longer to treat and make permanent changes.

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